We all want a house that makes us want to stay there forever. So if you want a house that gets all your neighbours talking, then pay attention to exteriors as well. Exteriors of our house are the first thing that anyone notices. Upgrading the external looks of your house will make it visually appealing. But from where one should start? Here’s something that you can begin with to make your exterior look extravagant and brand new.

Five awesome ways to upgrade your exteriors

1. Firepit installation

Firepits, be it wood or gas, not only bring warmth during the colder months but also add that kerb appeal to your home.

2. Focus on your front yard

Let’s not ignore our front yards and utilise all the space to create beautiful entertaining areas for us such as a patio. You can keep some pots or trees for extra privacy.

3. Create beautiful walkway

Why have the boring walkways that are made of plain concrete when you can create beautiful ones using various kinds of modern stone pavers?

4. Have a living green wall

What is more refreshing than having some plants on your wall? Either use pots and planters fixed to the wall or grow some climbers over your wall. Both serve to be an excellent element to your exteriors.

5. Add a deck or porch

Now, this may not be easy on your pockets but totally worth it, giving your home a completely new makeover. Decks can serve to be a perfect space for you and your friends and family to come together and have a great time.

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We help our customers with bespoke exteriors at affordable prices. With years of experience, our tradesmen know how to understand the client’s needs and create an exterior that suits their expectations.

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